Safety Consideration

HSE Policy Statement

It is the Policy of Oromena Limited

  • To carry out her activities in such a way that the life of all employees and other people who may be connected with our operations are safeguarded


  • To make adequate provisions for personal protective equipment (PPE) and adheres strictly to the safety precautionary measures required in any area of operations.


  • To be sensitive about the needs and aspirations of our host communities.


  • To prevent loss or destruction of company properties by fire and other disaster.


  • This policy is subject to change due to change of our operations or business strategies.

Management Capability Experience

Oromena Limited (OL) is experience in advanced Engineering and high level of safety practices and innovative approaches have ensured the successful accomplishment of clients project within optimistic schedules.

At the heart of these successful operations are the professionalism, skills, and expertise of our employees. They show impressive and unmatched flexibility, talent, and co-operative attitudes to ensure teamwork and respect for the interest while meeting client objective promptly.